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Our attitude tells the world what we expect in return. Join us for just 21 x days and develop a ‘Brilliant Attitude’ to improve your life and your legacy! Based on the 7 x Levels of Awareness from the award winning book “The Mentor in Me”, this special offer introduces the first of the 7 Personal Power Tools and that isn’t all. You receive the first month FREE of the most effective Repetition App ever developed — it’s the mind RESET you need right now !

But that still isn’t everything …

Upon completion of the 21-day Growth Challenge you will then be invited to participate in Live Zoom Mentoring Sessions that give you direct access to the authors as well as a special lesson with renowned thought leader, Bob Proctor.

Repetition is practiced behavior — spaced repetition of a set of principles dissolves those paradigms (collection of beliefs and concepts ) that have acquired a very powerful standing in your being.


Learn to develop your awareness. It’s all in our attitude! (this offer may not be repeated)

Repetition helps overcome limiting beliefs and small habits lead to powerful change. We’ve put together a special series to help you on your way! Your Mentors take you through the 21-Week guided discovery — that includes FREE access to the first of the 7 Personal Power Tools with use of the NEW and incredible RE-MIND phone app. These exclusive interactive Mentoring sessions take place for 21 x consecutive weeks — your Mentors are right here with you through every step! There is no more cost effective and meaningful way to learn about overcoming your limitations and eliminating bad habits from the comfort of your home or office. YES, you will have a mentor right in your pocket at the tap of a finger!

Get Started with Your 21-Day Growth Challenge

Step 1

Download the Re-Mind App

Download the RE-MIND app by typing Repetition into Results into the app store search window. When you see our app hit the GET button. Once loaded: Open the app and let’s get started.

Step 2

Complete Course 1: Attitude for Free!

When you sign up for one month of the RE-MIND phone app – you get the first Personal Power Tool on ‘Attitude’ for FREE!

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Step 3

Register to Receive your Personal Invitation to the Mentoring Series on the 7 Levels of Awareness

Once you’ve completed Personal Power Tool 1 on ‘Attitude’ – you are invited to our guided Mentoring sessions which include a better understanding of the 7 x Levels of Awareness — and you will receive direct instruction on how to use each of the 7 Personal Power Tools within each level.


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