Mentors Teach With Principle

To build an organization that lasts, a life that is worth living, requires character.

Too many of us build a business or develop a career path that forces us to work all of the time.  That’s only great if that is all you want — endless work.

Seven Levels of Awareness, a principle-centred approach to gaining and sustaining balance

WTPS is perhaps the first principle-based organization of its kind. “We are a group of people who required a better definition of success.” The mentoring programs, the book, and our consulting work to inform a powerful field of men and women with the ability to create leadership in others.

Balance is not easy because it requires ownership of the problem.

It took over 20-years of world class mentoring to get William Todd free from the bondage of his old beliefs and habits. This journey, although humbling, has uniquely prepared William for his role as a mentor and teacher. It is the core principle of everything at his company WTPS.


PRINCIPLE LEADERSHIP isn’t only for business owners and entrepreneurs.

 The Mentor in Me chronicles a journey many of us can relate to – been given the tools and guidance to achieve success and then only sometimes following through on the wisdom offered. The book documents the times when William used the Seven Levels of Awareness to unlock doors and change paradigms and the times when, to his detriment, he failed to make the most of opportunities presented.

You owe it to yourself and others around you to raise your awareness with ‘The 7 Steps of Awareness’.” 

— Steve Renwick

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