Seven Levels of Awareness, a principle-centred approach to gaining and sustaining balance

WTPS is perhaps the first principle-based organization of its kind. “We are a group of people who required a better definition of success.” The mentoring programs, the book, and our consulting work to inform a powerful field of men and women with the ability to create leadership in others.

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Know Your Level….Raise your level

The day I learned of the 7 levels of awareness from my good friend and Mentor Bob Proctor, was the day my life’s purpose became clear. Much like it must have been for him when his good friend and mentor Leland ‘Val’ Van de Wall shared the 7 steps of awareness with him. The basis of our book ‘The Mentor In Me’ came from this idea handed down from Val to Bob to Marty and I. I never knew Val, but my father’s given name was Valery and my parents gave me my middle name of Val. I guess there really are no coincidences.

We are grateful to have attracted and located one of the only master copies of Val’s live video presentation from his program ‘You Were Born to Choose’ from the late Carol Ann Kukulsky of Toronto, the producer of his work. Enjoy the clip…


“Know your level…. Raise your Level”

PRINCIPLE LEADERSHIP isn’t only for business owners and entrepreneurs.

 The Mentor in Me chronicles a journey many of us can relate to – been given the tools and guidance to achieve success and then only sometimes following through on the wisdom offered. The book documents the times when William used the Seven Levels of Awareness to unlock doors and change paradigms and the times when, to his detriment, he failed to make the most of opportunities presented.

You owe it to yourself and others around you to raise your awareness with 'The 7 Steps of Awareness'.” 

— Steve Renwick


Take a front seat to learn from one of the most successful mentoring relationships ever. In his book, The Mentor In Me, William Todd reveals the ups and downs of learning from one of the world’s premier mentors, Bob Proctor.

This 21 Day Mentoring Program is based on those hard-learned lessons and the unbelievable rewards, which can only come from picking the right mentor and practicing Attitude Consciousness. Take 21 days to learn an effective way to use the power of repetition to change your attitude and your life.

You will learn the same Seven Levels of Awareness that Bob Proctor says created his success! And you’ll have a keepsake gift to prove you have earned a Brilliant Attitude!