I have been very privileged to have Will Todd on several of my projects.

From design and value engineering to logistics and problem solving, his expertise and level of involvement is the best.

Most recently, we had to work closely together at the Wilshire Grand on some of the most complicated glass work I’ve ever worked on. Building a hanging glass chandelier is one thing, but building it over 1,000 feet in the air in the tallest building west of Chicago, is a different thing altogether. Will’s solutions were absolutely critical to getting the building done so the hotel can open on the day it was scheduled…. This also included coming up with a plan to have 14’ radius glass panels for the La Boucheri restaurant on the 72nd floor delivered before the man lifts were removed from the building. The glass needed to be ordered and stocked into the building 4 months before we could install because of the elevators being too small, and they could only fit in the construction man lifts. Two days before the 18’ manlift was removed, the glass was delivered and stocked on the floor until we were ready for install.

Some people are just exceptional at their field, and this is what Hansford PM looks for when it comes to project success. I have always said…. “Character and integrity are the necessary ingredients for success”.
We will continue to rely on our relationship with Will and continue to deliver for our clients.