Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers’ Favorite

In every aspect of our lives, we all should have a mentor. You probably had a mentor and didn’t know it. A mentor is someone that you confide in and trust from your personal development and business to spirituality. The mentor helps you to navigate onto a better path for the future. In this self-help book, The Mentor In Me: What To Do & What Not To Do by William Todd, the reader will learn about the author as he discovers a lot about himself. Through his own journey, while being mentored by author Bob Proctor (Thoughts Are Things, It’s Not About the Money and many other works), he explains how the Seven Levels of Awareness principles changed his life and can change yours too. This book provides the tools necessary for creating and developing a mental paradigm shift in your behavior and thinking. This book offers readers the mentor approach of the deep dive from dos and don’ts to words of wisdom as they embark on their journey without being bogged down with fluff. The reader will learn a wealth of useful information as the author gives real-life examples and quotes.

I enjoyed The Mentor In Me because sometimes I can get buried under things in life that either don’t suit, serve, or lead to anything productive. Reading this book has helped to unclog the wheels that are churning in my mind; as a mentor would. Just like William Todd states; with a mentor you may not always listen or agree but the goal is to acquire optimum results with each step that you take. If you’re not getting the results that you desire, remember it’s insane to keep on doing the same thing. In order to improve your life, you have to work at it. I love this statement by Bob Proctor that sums it up: “The Mentor in Me is not a book that you pick up and read. It’s a book you form a relationship with and you study daily for the rest of your life.” Change takes practice so if you’re looking for life improvements, add this book to your library. Enjoy!